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Community Service

Our commitment to the community and people in need is second only to the commitment to our clients. Members of our team participate in a number of organizations that support children and families.

Anthony Truino is on the board of Treasured Time which helps grant the wishes of parents with life-threatening illnesses who want to create a lasting memory with their children. Their mission aligns with one of our valued tenets: the most priceless asset we have is time to spend with those we love.  He is also on the board of Sacred People Foundation which is dedicated to improving the plight of Native American youth.

Michael Carbino serves on the board of Tiny Miracles which is dedicated to helping families with premature babies. The foundation strives to promote the best possible care for children born too early and those who love and care for them.

Kevin McAvoy is on the board of Foundation for Life, Inc. which Anthony led as president for a number of years.

At Barnum Wealth, we have two designated special care planners and work extensively with the special needs community including Autism Services and Resources Connecticut whose mission is to provide lifelong access to opportunities for persons on the autism spectrum with the goal of being fully-included and participating members of their communities.

Foundation for Life is not a subsidiary or affiliate of MML Investors Services, LLC, or its affiliated companies.