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Professional Athlete Services

Like top corporate executives and highly successful entrepreneurs, you have strong skills and a competitive nature which enables you to earn a significant amount of wealth. But unlike executives and entrepreneurs, you have unique challenges including a relatively small high earnings window, the terms of your contract, and less predictable career paths.

As a result, we can help you live within your means while enjoying your success, protect your earning potential, save and invest for the future, minimize the impact of taxes, and transition to life after your pro sports career. To do that, we act as your personal CFO, delivering comprehensive financial planning and wealth management through our disciplined strategic process. 

At each step of the process and throughout our relationship, you will be supported by our team of tenured, credentialed professionals, each bringing their expertise and insights on their areas of focus to bear for your benefit. We serve as your advocate and work as a team player with your family, agent, business manager, accountant, and attorney to assure that all parts of your wealth management plan are working together for your good. To learn more about how Barnum Wealth Management can help you achieve long-term financial success, click here.