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Your Vision. Our Focus.

We create and execute holistic, customized plans designed to let your wealth work for you today and to achieve your vision for your future.

Through thoughtful collaboration and a superior level of personalized service, we can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of managing your wealth and give you more of the one thing money can’t buy – time.

Meet Our Team

Welcome to
Barnum Wealth

At Barnum Wealth Management, you will have a team of experienced, highly skilled professionals with an unwavering commitment to your best interests. Led by Wealth Management Advisors, your team includes specialists in a wide range of areas including investments, income & asset protection, tax minimization, estate planning, business succession, elder care, special needs planning, charitable giving and other disciplines. You will also have access to the strategic thinking of carefully selected, industry-leading national and global investment advisors.

Each member of your team will collaborate under one unified vision – to help you preserve, grow, and optimize your wealth.

Holistic Wealth Planning

After developing an understanding of your values, vision, and goals, we implement a holistic strategy integrating risk management, tax optimization, and active investment management. 

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Investment Management and Advisory Services

We offer diversified investment programs that enable you to preserve and grow your wealth in a disciplined way over time.

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Professional Athlete Services

We help you navigate the many complexities of life as an athlete from the beginning of your professional career through your retirement years.

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Together with your attorney, we can help you put in place the various components needed to provide for your beneficiaries and charitable giving goals while minimizing taxes.

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We can analyze your situation and find ways to help protect your income and assets. We can extend that service to your family members and assist you in properly protecting your business interests.

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The wealth you have acquired gives you an opportunity to create a lasting legacy supporting issues, organizations, and causes that are important to you. We can show you specific strategies to help structure your charitable giving to ensure that it is effective and efficient.

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